Chello brutha , i don't know if you remember me or not but me and my wife met you at LifeWay Christian store in Chattanooga,TN a few months back when you came through there after having a meeting in knoxville,tn with their corporate office up there i believe and you told us you were fixing to put your hats in the store up there and i have been in there since then and have seen the spirit domes out up there and just wanted to say CONGRATS BRUTHA !! After you and our testimony that day which we enjoyed its so good to see your ministry taking off and if you ever need any help up this way as a sales rep or something just let me know i have the experience !! God Bless you bro and much respect and love !!

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Of course I remember you two!  Oh Canada : )  How's your band rockin'?  Yes, so far so good : )  Please stay in touch from time to time and tell your friends about the Domes.  I'm trying to get up for and planning for an awesome 2012.  I hope you are too.

Will do and I put spiritdomes as a like on our band fb page and we are going to work on a new website to get up soon to and perhaps can put your link on there ... I also posted your link on mine and my groups on fb and got a great response from ppl !! BTW i want one of those camoflauge flex fit hats but i can't see where i can purchase one on your website but you have the hat on the fb page ?? Let me know how to get one i want one of those for sure dude ! ! The band is doing good , going back in the studio next month to get started on a new cd for  this year !! Yea bro i will keep in touch with you .. hope you have a blessed and joy filled 2012 ~~ GOD BLESS !! 

Click on Shop and go from there.  If you have trouble with it please call me at 352.361.1735 and I'll take your order over the phone.  Hurry cuz I only have one left-they sold out!  Stay on course with your band/ministry my friend : )


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