I walked down the road of life aimlessly for many years, when recently, I found my mission. My Spirit told me to change it up a bit and do something relevant to the true meaning and purpose of life. I was lost and then I was found!
In my past, I was your typical, self-centered, party guy, full of laughs and plenty of sinful living. I attended many MLB All-Star Games, Playoff Games, World Series, Super Bowls, PGA events, etc. I traveled extensively, experiencing many, many things along the way. I met hundreds of famous people; the likes of Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Mohammad Ali, Joe Namath, etc. In retrospect, I was idolizing people, events, things and material objects. I had my self-centered sights set on everything that was unimportant in life and didnt even realize it. 
After years of bad choices and much regret, the bottom finally fell out and I lost everything. My 21-year marriage, valuable time with my three beautiful daughters, my friends, my identity, and the financial wealth that took me years to build, was all left behind. It was extremely painful to lose so much in such a short period of time. Words cannot describe the depression I went through, and sometimes, still experience. When I look back on it now, I realize I had to go through those most difficult times to get to a special place in my relationship with God and with myself.
Once I opened up my broken heart and asked God to enter, things in my life really started to change. I met Christian friends who prayed for me. I became an entrepreneur and God started opening doors. Then, I received the most AWESOME vision for SpiritDomes! SpiritDomes is more than just a hat line. It signifies my life vision of who I am today. It signifies the losses and triumphs in my life. It signifies the Word of God in my Spirit that feeds my mind, body, and soul. Without it, I cant get through the day or the difficult times life sometimes brings. 
The scriptures and designs on all the SpiritDomes go hand-in-hand. Each one tells the story of Jesus teachings to us. I hope the Scriptures that have helped me change my life will inspire you to change some of the things in your life for the good.
SpiritDomes came from a vision I believe God gave me in 2008. I hope and pray as you read this story you are inspired to follow your dreams and visions because you never know what can become of them. An idea in your head is just an idea until you believe in yourself and act on it. Im living proof that dreams can very well come true, especially, if you pray diligently, work hard and pursue them for the right reasons. 
I was attending service at the Meadowbrook Church in Ocala, Florida, listening to my Pastor teaching Gods word. It seemed as if the Holy Spirit was tugging on my heart. However, I didnt really pay much attention to it at first. As I looked around the church congregation, I couldnt help but notice many stylish, hip, young people. I thought to myself, These are really cool kids, only different because they are searching for a righteous-type lifestyle through God. This is very healthy in many respects. 
Then, I thought, Its rather obvious that in these times, we need more of our nations youth going down this righteous path. The world would certainly be a better place. 
After I pondered on that thought for a few minutes, I realized God was speaking to me through the Holy Spirit, telling me to create the coolest Christian hat line on the planet! Seeing I was in church when this feeling came over me, in my head, the word Dome kept popping up, as in a Dome on top of a church. Thus, the trademarked brand name SpiritDomes was birthed!  
You see, for 28 years, I worked exclusively in the headwear business, so naturally hats were my expertise. The hat and clothing business has also run in my family for at least three generations. My father Tom (AKA Saks) owned Saks Demitrys Sportswear that he inherited from his father. It later became Saks Demitrys Men Shop. My grandfather, Pete, who was a professional Greek tailor, started his career in Thessaloniki, Greece at the ripe age of 15, dating back to 1902. In 1914, he immigrated to the United States. Its kind of cool because my oldest daughter, Lauren, has an eye for fashion clothing and is planning on pursuing her career in the same field. Its in the blood. What can I say?  
Immediately after church on that fateful day, God gave me the plan to execute his vision! I decided, out of the gate, I was going to turn my life around and start doing things the right way. I felt I needed to start focusing on getting to heaven one day. I had already accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, which is of the utmost importance. 
The next thing we're supposed to do is be a disciple for God to help others get saved. Im not so good at that, for Im a little uncomfortable. I just dont feel I have the proper knowledge at this point to do it effectively. So, I felt I could express my discipleship through creating our walking billboards: SpiritDomes. 
Next, I decided I had to serve and be merciful toward others. That's why my spirit led me to an AWESOME, not-for-profit organization, Feed the Children, led by Larry and Francis Jones. They have, literally, fed and clothed millions of children through their tireless efforts, for over thirty years. 
The other very important thing was to help our youth learn more about obedience for righteous living. We wanted to do our part to teach them more about the good word of the Bible. We want to give them the foundation and arsenal they need to survive in this most difficult world. 
Part of the reason for my sinful past is that I had no knowledge of the Word, whatsoever. I always believed in God and Ive always prayed, however, I never read the Word and rarely ever went to church. The Word makes absolute good sense, if you only gave it a try. We believe the SpiritDomes vision is the perfect mission that God set before us. Like you've heard, we're on a mission from God.
The loss of my late brother, Pete, actually inspired the SpiritDomes line in a way that I didnt realize until recently. Pete was a man with a heart for God and had it all. He was a very handsome guy whom everyone loved. He was in the top of his class, a professional model, a star athlete, and honorably served our country in the US Army. Pete was accepted to West Point Academy, which is nearly an impossible feat. However, he decided to attend the University of Buffalo for personal reasons, maintaining a 4.0 GPA.  
His life seemed to be heading in the right direction with everything going perfect. But then, one day, it all came to a screeching halt! He suffered a major nervous breakdown and was later diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. We really dont know what happened to him. His life changed drastically and he never recovered in the next 17 years of his short life. At the time, I felt confused and empty, asking, why Pete? What in the world happened to him? Why did his life seem so meaningless and full of suffering?  Why did he die at the young age of 40? I had so many questions and no answers, until 8 years later.
I was flying in a plane at 33,000 feet closer to heaven one night and started thinking about the inspiration behind SpiritDomes.  As I was pondering many thoughts, Pete came to mind. I remembered how, during one of his schizophrenic episodes, he became so paranoid that he compulsively wanted to change his name. His birth name was Peter Samuel Demitry and he was adamant about changing it to Samuel Peters. At the time, I thought it was really strange and even now I have no clue why Im thinking about it. 
Suddenly, I felt the Holy Spirit tugging at my heart saying, Dedicate the hat line to Pete. I was overcome with emotion and it was a true revelation for me! As I sit here today, I still get goose bumps thinking about how God spoke hope and peace into my heart about my brother. 
Petes life will be instrumental in helping others, just as he did throughout his life on earth. You see, he constantly tried to lead me in a Godly direction throughout his life, even when he was stricken with his illness. Like James 5:11, he suffered here on earth, never losing faith. As part of Gods perfect plan to be merciful on others, SpiritDomes Inspired by Samuel Peters is a tribute to my awesome brother. He loved God, and he was a saint, in my eyes, without question. I want his life to mean something, to be relevant for good works.  I want him to know that he was my hero! 
Im sharing my heart with you because I want you to know how much love and inspiration has gone into SpiritDomes. Its not just another hat line. Its an inspiration of love through God and His love for us. To learn more about Pete's story and his life go to the New Testament on our website. 
My hope is that when you wear SpiritDomes, you feel inspired for your own life and your own dreams and visions. After all, they are Lids with Attitude and Gratitude! You will wear them to share with others and to help others, including yourself, in the real game of life. 
We appreciate your support of our God-given SpiritDomes line to help Feed the Children.  If you would like to donate, please click on the donation button on our home page. The more money we send in together, the more blessed we will all be. After all, as Ive learned the hard way, YOU reap what you sow!
I would like to give special thanks to my lifetime designer, Craig Morris. Without him, none of this would be possible. As I created images in my mind from Bible scriptures and the Holy Spirit, Craig was the guy who actually brought them to life. His unique and creative talents are above and beyond any I have ever seen. He is a true visionary with creation. As you wear the SpiritDomes Crown of Thorns Collection Inspired by Samuel Peters, be reminded that it is Craigs creativity making you stand out in the crowd. Draw from his creative vision and the talents of our entire team, so you too, can be inspired to accomplish all that you set out to do.
God Bless each and every one of you. Thank you for supporting SpiritDomes and the positive message we are trying to relay to young people. Remember, an idea is just an idea until you write it down and speak it out. Go ahead and pursue your dreams and visions! If you do it for all the right reasons, God will pour out his blessings upon you in a way you could never think or imagine!
Most Passionately,
Thomas Christopher Demitry

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